Chengdu is traditionally a tourist city and it doesn’t have much spots in town but it serves as a transit for a number of natural sightseeing & hiking routes in middle west of China. The locals consider their culture and their tourism closely connected to the city’s leisure life style. Chengdu life is generally easy and slow-paced and as such as multiple awards regarding the happiest place to live within China. You may picture it as living like a panda.

Food is apart of the culture here as it is one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines and there is a big focus in the Sichuan Provence (you probably know it as Szechuan), that Chengdu is the capital of, for well-known delicious spiciness. It is not spicy, just to be spicy, but each dish is unique and flavorful. KungPao chicken (known as GongBao chicken, in mandarin) comes from here and blends sweet and spicy perfectly. More locally famous and loved throughout China is Hotpot, a delicious giant pot that can be any flavour, but usually spicy, in which you place various meats and veg and you soak and boil them at your own table.

Current jobs in Chengdu

Kindergarten English Teacher (Multiple Locations)

We are determined to create a magical learning experience for kids. Kids are expected to develop both their English proficiency and their 21st…