Guangzhou is relatively laid back compared to Shanghai where people always seem in a rush and it is very conveniently located, 2 hours by train to HK, close to Zhuhai which is nice for a weekend and many South East Asian countries are within a couple of hours flight. The metro is really good in Guangzhou, however very crowded during rush hours on particular lines so that is not always convenient.

Guangzhou, in many ways, is China’s window to the rest of the world, second only to Shanghai. It has a huge international influence, crowd and imports. You’ll never be at a loss of finding that treat from back home with the multitudes of import shops and supermarkets that also have a wide variety of things you’d want.

Guangzhou is a metropolis. An extremely big city and what it lacks in natural beauty it makes up withs some beautiful and weird structures and buildings, such as Canton Tower, The Guangdong Olympic Stadium and The Guangzhou International Finance Center. Along with more traditional and old buildings like The Huaisheng Mosque, Guangxiao Temple (more than 1700 years old and The Temple of Six Banyan Trees.

Current jobs in Guangzhou

ESL Teacher (Wuhan)

We are an expanding school in Wuhan that is opening up several centers in the near future and trying to develop a better learning environment for all…