Wuhan is home to the nearly 2000-year-old Yellow Crane Tower. But it isn’t all ancient in this city they have a very famous food street (Hubu Street) that mixes Chinese dishes, such as their traditional noodles with a lot of more modern snacks. Wuhan is the capital city of the Hubei Province so popular from Chinese and foreign tourists alike and as such you are likely to see the city bubbling with life and tourists.

There is a common idiom in mandarin that translates to “Wuhan, different each day” which refers to how quickly it develops and grows and changes. Though still being divided into three loose section by the Changjiang river and Hanjiang river.

Wuhan is in the sweet spot of middling tier city (tier 2 or 3) where it is perfectly developed enough to be easy to live and get a decent pay but not so much that it becomes a concrete jungle. This means the city is broken up nicely with parks and rivers with lots of places to chill and relax next to both of these places. Though it isn’t much of a tourist city which means there is much less push for it’s entertainment side to grow. Though there are still enough bars, clubs and KTVs to avoid to getting too bored too quickly.

Current jobs in Wuhan

ESL Teacher (Wuhan)

We are an expanding school in Wuhan that is opening up several centers in the near future and trying to develop a better learning environment for all…