Dragon Teachers will help you throughout your application and moving process. From supporting you with your Visa application, to getting you set up with somewhere to live in China.

The first step is to ensure you are eligible to work in China. You must have a clean criminal record and a Bachelor’s degree at the very least. It’s also to be sure on this big move, and have a strong passion for teaching.


  • Passport with enough space for visas (two pages)
  • Non-Criminal Report (Police check)
  • Bachelor’s or above (you will need actual copies to take to China)
  • A T.E.F.L (This is a flexible requirement)
  • An up to date CV

The first thing you’ll need to do is submit your application to Dragon Teachers. Make sure you fill in all of your details correctly, and avoid any spelling mistakes or typos. You’ll need to upload an up to date CV with all of your relevant experience. Try and let us know about your most relevant experience – teaching, customer service, working with young people.

Once we’ve confirmed your basic eligilbity we will send you a second, more detailed form to complete.

You will need to obtain a police check (find out more here) as part of your application, as well as recording a short video that we will use to send to the school so they know what to expect, and can assess your application.

Additional information

  • Police check
  • Short profile video
  • Travel availability
  • Ideal position
  • Passport photo upload
  • Visa application

Job Match

It’s at this point that we will also speak to you about your ideal job in China. We have hundreds of jobs available at any one time, but, they do vary. Some of our positions are teaching adults, some children, and some are a hybrid role covering them both. Our jobs also vary in terms of subject areas.

This is a big move for you and so it’s important that you are as honest with us as possible as to what you will enjoy, allowing us to place you in the right role for both you and the school.

Whilst you’re working on your visa application and travel arrangements, our team will be busy working in the background confirming the details of your job.

Once everything is confirmed we can let you know your start date, and details of what to expect when you arrive.

What’s included:

As part of your job offer, we’ll also include a number of other things, to help to make your move to China as easy as possible.

  • A confirmed job offer with a monthly salary (in RMB)
  • Details of your accommodation
    • In most cases your accommodation will be provided by the school at first and your rent deducted from your salary. Every role is different, but we will advise you of this upon your job offer.

You will not be required to arrange your initial accommodation on your own.

  • Airport pick-up and introduction – we will arrange for you to be collected from the airport and taken to your accommodation.

We’ll keep you updated weekly up to the point you leave for China and can assist with any questions you may have. We will also provide you will some tips and advice on what you may need to take with you, and what you need to set up before you leave.

Things like creating a bank account in China is pretty easy, but we’ll set you on your way with this too.

There will be a short probation period with the school you work with, but this varies on the position you take.

So, at this point, it’s up to you!