English Language Expert

We pride ourselves on our caring, personalized learning environment enabled by excellent faculty, small class and school size, and the active nurturing of a student-centred school climate
We have all put experienced, qualified and, most importantly, caring teachers, selected from the best applicants from all over the world as our first thought. Our community will model integrity and seek opportunities to serve with compassion and conviction.

What you'll be doing


Must have a desire to keep pushing to be better and better and encourage other teachers and students to do exactly the same.


To be able to use advanced technology to enhance authentic learning, with 21st century learning techniques appropriate to students in this technological age

Creative Thinker

Creative and open-minded in developing a passion for learning. Creativity is a critical quality for future success, which along with innovation is valued and promoted

Compassionate Citizen of the World

Responsible and acts with integrity, empathy, and dignity, and exhibits international understanding by bridging cultures and having respect for and tolerance of others. Global-Mindedness fosters diversity of thought among students who consider their role in an increasingly connected world.

Living in Shanghai

For the first few weeks – even months – it’s a good idea to carry a street and Metro map around. Shanghai is not a grid, and the sporadic maze of alleys, streets, boulevards and freeways is difficult to navigate, even for the city’s seasoned veterans. Morning and evening rush-hour traffic is characterised by dense, aggressive traffic and frequent gridlock.

Read our Guide to Shanghai here >

How it works

Non of our teachers are required to pay any upfront costs, but you will need to be able to pay for your flight to China, as well as have some savings to get you start (excluding accommodation as we’ll sort this for you). Please take a read of our How it works sections for full information.

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Dragon Teachers

Founded by Leigh Kemp, an English teacher currently based in China, Dragon teachers is committed to providing a smooth and easy experience to getting to, and living in China. Our first hand experience of ‘doing it’ guarantees real transparency on the process, and will ensure your first role in China is easy and just what you’re looking for!

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