NEW: English Teacher (multiple locations)

We run many schools all over China and each has a central location, convenient to city-living families and near the heart of some of the of the most dynamic, historical and culturally rich cities in the world

We have and strive to always keep a proven history of excellence and student performance, with a stable governance structure
We also understand that teachers are looking for a supportive, structured and secure working environment that will allow them to further develop their teaching skills, while affording them the opportunity to explore and learn about the great country of China.

Key skills required

Confident Individual

Self confident and able to demonstrate the assertive characteristics necessary to succeed in a competitive global community.

Proficient Communicator

Skilled at reading, writing, speaking, able to think and communicate clearly and express concepts and ideas in a variety of forms.

Develop and Expand

We hope that you are able to not only grow as a teacher but also help our school grow and reach more students too. Integrity is as highly valued as results, laying the platform by which we function.

General Responsibilities

Teaching English to younger learners in fun and interesting ways to encourage further interest in English. Respect among our community is a fundamental attribute for learning together.

Living in Shanghai

For the first few weeks – even months – it’s a good idea to carry a street and Metro map around. Shanghai is not a grid, and the sporadic maze of alleys, streets, boulevards and freeways is difficult to navigate, even for the city’s seasoned veterans. Morning and evening rush-hour traffic is characterised by dense, aggressive traffic and frequent gridlock.

Read our Guide to Shanghai here >

How it works

None of our teachers are required to pay any upfront costs, but you will need to be able to pay for your flight to China, as well as have some savings to get you start (excluding accommodation as we’ll sort this for you). Please take a read of our How it works sections for full information.

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Dragon Teachers

Founded by Leigh Kemp, an English teacher currently based in China, Dragon teachers is committed to providing a smooth and easy experience to getting to, and living in China. Our first hand experience of ‘doing it’ guarantees real transparency on the process, and will ensure your first role in China is easy and just what you’re looking for!

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or 2nd floor Xing yao tian di, Guozhan road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou city, China 225000