Foreign Language Expert

Do you want to be apart of the fastest growing and hugely international school that has multiple locations throughout all of China and the rest of Asia? That is exactly what we are offering. We are a well established school
that offers a very competitive chance to all successful candidates.

All eligible candidates must be:
– Good with children
– Patient and willing to adapt
– Able to plan fun an engaging classes
– Willing to grow and learn as a teacher
– Open to a new culture and new life experiences

We Currently have vacancies in three different locations but positions will be filled before September 2018.

What you'll be doing


Preparing classes, creating games and making a list of suitable props and materials to be used during class.

General Responsibilities

Teaching English to younger learners in fun and interesting ways to encourage further interest in English.

Working as a Team

A big part of working in China is working with a lot of other teachers, and various different co-workers. Most of whom will not speak English. It is important to be able to work efficiently and understand miscommunications issues will arise and solving the problems as they do.


Must have a desire to keep pushing to be better and better and encourage other teachers and students to do exactly the same.

Living in Jiaxing

Jiaxing is full of charm that you can only get from a city of this size. It has a high speed train that can take you all over the country, meaning that you can enjoy the quiet and relaxed pace of life whilst only being minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.
It has famous rice dumplings and is quickly becoming the place to live outside of Shanghai with a population spike over the last 2 years. Meaning the salary is rising whilst costs remain low, the perfect time to move there is now.

How it works

Non of our teachers are required to pay any upfront costs, but you will need to be able to pay for your flight to China, as well as have some savings to get you start (excluding accommodation as we’ll sort this for you). Please take a read of our How it works sections for full information.

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Dragon Teachers

Founded by Leigh Kemp, an English teacher currently based in China, Dragon teachers is committed to providing a smooth and easy experience to getting to, and living in China. Our first hand experience of ‘doing it’ guarantees real transparency on the process, and will ensure your first role in China is easy and just what you’re looking for!

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